Brand Risk Reduction

Protect Your Brand and Your Tomorrow.

Recalls, quality aberrations and dissatisfied customers are all reputation-killers for manufacturers. Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) reduces brand risk by preventing and containing quality escapes through proactive enforcement, systematic monitoring with automatic alerts, nonconformance management, and engineering change order (ECO) performance and visibility. Such controls limit potential costs associated with product recalls and, if errors do occur, Camstar MES provides a thorough backward and forward genealogy to limit the impact of the lapse and its effect on customers. Eliminate customer dissatisfaction at the source and minimize your brand risk. This is Brand Protection. This is MES.

Benefit More.

  • 67% ↓ recall exposure
  • 58% ↓ overall complaints
  • 80% ↓ inventory errors

Preventive Medicine for Your Brand.

Product quality issues that result in recalls can be fatal – for the patient and your Brand. Camstar’s MES inserts proactive prevention into the manufacturing process, reducing the chance of quality escapes occurring—protecting both your patients’ safety and your reputation. . Detect quality issues faster and drive regulatory compliance through complete product and process traceability, self-auditing electronic Device History Record (eDHR), and nonconformance management.

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Modern Technology for Brand Protection.

Your customers demand products with impeccable quality, at a reasonable price, faster and with more customization than ever before. To help you meet those demands, Camstar’s MES provides a flexible, easy to reconfigure system that unifies disparate systems, maintains continuity among your personnel, and avoids the costly obsolescence of legacy technology. Legacy systems continually increase brand risk as the base technology is no longer supported, necessary maintenance skills are no longer taught, and employees with the skills retire.Reduce brand risk and maintenance costs with Camstar’s Enterprise Platform, a modern, singular MES platform that adapts to the changes your manufacturing environment demands.

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Compete on the Brand.

Increasing competition makes recalls more detrimental than ever.  Camstar’s MES prevents recalls from occurring by driving proactive prevention into the manufacturing process reducing and eliminating quality escapes at the source.  Rapid root-cause analysis, complete product and process traceability, and nonconformance and event management contain suspect items, determine failure cause, and rapidly identify the source allowing for lot containment before product leaves manufacturing – proactively protecting your brand.

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Brand for Customer Satisfaction.

Increasing customer demands necessitate compliance with a greater diversity of industry specifications and regulatory compliance. Continually meeting, exceeding, and competing with these multiple standards places heightened pressure on your company’s brand increasing brand risk. Camstar’s MES reduces these risks by process modeling management, quality enforcement, and rapid ramp to volume driving ultimate manufacturing flexibility with the assurance that products satisfy each customer’s unique demands and the industry regulations. This flexibility protects your brand and keeps you responsive to customer demands.

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