Granular Enterprise Visibility

Complete Visibility for Complete Decision Making.

The ability to visualize your manufacturing environment in real-time is the foundation for sound decision-making; having the tools to act on that knowledge creates competitive advantage. Doing both across your entire enterprise creates true competitive advantage. Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) creates enterprise-wide visibility at highly granular levels via dashboards, preconfigured reports, and ad hoc reporting. It provides both big picture look at operations, and an ability to drill into the fine details of a process or workflow, placing actionable intelligence at your fingertips. Every stakeholder from executives to machine operators has a decision making cockpit to navigate your enterprise.This is Visibility. This is MES.

Benefit More.

  • $250K material saved via real-time monitoring
  • 41% ↓ production nonconformance enabled by dashboards
  • Serialized unit traceability effort shortened from weeks to minutes

Paper Doesn’t Talk. MES Does.

Search, find, contain, and alert – these options are effortlessly available inside Camstar’s MES. Gain real-time visibility into the manufacturing environment and drastically reduce the labor associated with discovering the root-cause of non-conformances, reworks, and any product quality issues in the field. If product issues occur, quickly find and contain them with Containment Management. Improve product tracking and traceability – simplifying the audit process. Obtain the right tools to manage plants for efficiencies, growth, and market share penetration.

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Global and Local Intelligence.

Real-time, reliable data is critical to effectively managing local plants and the entire global enterprise. When that data is spread across multiple disconnected systems, you need the unified approach of the Camstar Enterprise Platform.  It enables data correlation and enterprise-wide analysis, including highly granular geneology and full traceability and, along with Camstar Change makes extending consistent processes for timely updates and enforcement across the enterprise fast and reliable. Monitor and control your enterprise manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world at any time – without limitations.

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Rapid Intelligence for Rapid Change.

Rapidly changing products demand numerous ECOs and manufacturing line reconfigurations. Granular enterprise visibility provides monitoring and alerting to ensure changes are made correctly with desired effects without impacting downstream production. The Camstar Enterprise Platform provides increased agility across your global manufacturing enterprise. by providing a single, easy-to-act-upon view of role-specific plant information, processes and procedures.  The processes associated with rapid change can be authored in one location and rolled out globally based on reliable, single-source data.

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Cost Reduction through Actionable Intelligence.

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs often rely upon small changes in some of the finest details.  Camstar’s granular visibility provides the toolset required to make these changes yielding significant incremental improvements. Gain real-time visibility into the manufacturing environment and drastically reduce the labor associated with discovering efficiency gains and process improvements.

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