Improved Profit Margin

Enhance Your Value Stream to Enable Growth.

Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) maximizes profit margins by simultaneously increasing revenues and decreasing costs – launching you to new levels of growth and profitability. Significant increases in manufacturing efficiency (throughput, capacity, yields, line balancing, etc.), manufacturing velocity, and accelerated new product introduction grow revenue. Yet costs decrease as labor, paper, inventory, scrap and non-value added activities are reduced or eliminated and asset utilization increases. The cumulative effect is improved profitability for your company and a substantial competitive advantage.This is Profitability. This is MES.

Benefit More.

  • 35% ↑ throughput and associated revenue
  • $2M payback in productivity gains
  • $7.2M ↓ annual recurring costs

Eliminate the Paper Barrier to Profitability.

Manual, paper-based manufacturing processes carry significant overhead for medical device & diagnostic manufacturers. Redundant checks and bottlenecks associated with paper result in higher inventory levels, impede manufacturing velocity and negatively customer satisfaction.  Add storage, scanning, destruction, and printing direct costs associated with paper manufacturing and the unnecessary costs can skyrocket. A self-auditing electronic Device History Record (eDHR), part of the Camstar Enterprise Platform, eliminates these costs while concurrently decreasing the cost of quality through automated data capture, faster issue detection, and rapid root-cause investigation.  Camstar’s MES further reduces costs by minimizing inventory and WIP, accelerating final review & release of product to customers, reducing cycle times, and preventing scrap.

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One Global MES for Profitability.

Legacy and homegrown MES systems reduce profitability through increased costs resulting from maintenance of numerous systems with definitive shelf-lives requiring highly specialized skills for day-to-day coding development and maintenance. Camstar’s MES provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through one global MES for all plants with 24 hour X 365 day support. By inherently providing a platform architecture for software configuration instead of coding, Camstar’s Enterprise Platform reduces engineering change and line reconfiguration cost by reducing time to implement and unrequired maintenance and support.

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Profitability Begins with Meeting Increased Demand.

Growth and profitability are difficult to obtain without meeting increased customer demand.  Camstar’s MES increases yield, throughput, and velocity readily meeting sudden or unexpected product demand and enabling revenue growth.  These manufacturing output increases result from product and process enforcement, global data management, enhanced WIP tracking, serialization of devices, and integrated statistical process control (SPC).  Concurrently these items reduce scrap, non-value added activities, and labor decreasing the cost per unit and widening the profit margin.

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 Profitability through Operational Efficiency.

With energy and raw material costs on the rise, increasing profitability must focus on improving operational efficiency. Camstar’s MES avoids waste, scrap, and rework with a right first time approach from accurate product definition and process enforcement driving efficiency and reducing associated costs throughout distributed global operations. Equipment maintenance and calibration enforcement increases operational efficiency further and diminishes downtime. Global product and process traceability and decreased WIP and FG inventory also reduce cost by ensuring materials, products, and equipment are most efficiently utilized throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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