Proactive Control & Quality

Automated Enforcement for Consistent Quality.

Complete control of the enterprise-wide manufacturing environment is the only way to produce consistent, assured quality. Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides proactive, automated control to help you avoid the uncertainties of a paper-based system. Capabilities such as operator and equipment certification, dispatch and flow management, process data management, automatic enforcement of specification and a comprehensive audit train ensures that operators have the right materials and the information at the right time to produce the highest quality products. This is Proactive. This is MES.

Benefit More.

  • 17% ↑ first-pass process yield
  • 50% ↓ material usage errors
  • 90% ↓ scrap with “right first time” enforcement

Safety, Efficacy, and Compliance through Quality.

Ensure product safety and compliance through proactive control of the manufacturing environment and highest quality products. When patient safety is at stake, it is critical that your system enables you to detect quality issues before they occur. Error-proof your manufacturing through modeling, configuring, and enforcing unique manufacturing workflows and processes. Then, with real-time, automate ddata collection and self-auditing electronic Device History Records capabilities, eliminate opportunities for errors, compliance violations, and product risk.

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One MES for Global Control and Quality.

Obtain enterprise-wide manufacturing control and consistent product quality through a single, flexible, global MES with natively integrated quality controls. Adapt Camstar’s MES to a plant’s local environment while ensuring engineering changes are enforced globally Rapidly configure and reconfigure the global and local manufacturing environments without coding. Eliminating custom coding increases agility, enables proactive control, and further stabilizes manufacturing to generate the highest quality products at the lowest costs.

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High Quality for High Demand.

Increase demand and quality at the same time.  Real-time data collection enables the enforcement of hard-stops for nonconforming material or product at any step – totally controlling the manufacturing process and detecting quality issues before they occur.  Proactive control of manufacturing through setup verification, operator certification, and maintenance and calibration enforcement increases manufacturing throughput, efficiency, and quality.  Rapidly configure and reconfigure the global and local manufacturing environments to meet ever-changing customer demands regardless of product complexity.

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Strong Process Control for Strong Products.

Reduce costs, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and ensure final product good quality through strong, proactive manufacturing process control.  Process data management provides complete control of every workflow, route, step, and procedure providing flexibility for products and product grades.  Equipment maintenance and calibration enforcement prevents machine downtime improving OEE and ensures product remains within specifications for the highest product quality and best customer satisfaction.

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