True Continuous Improvement

Refining Your Next Generation Product Today.

Every manufacturer envisions being able to convert real-time manufacturing insights into product portfolio improvements. Especially in complex industries, the ability to flexibly meet market demands is the key to remaining competitive. Yet few actually are able to consistently close the loop in achieving continuous improvement.  Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables true continuous improvement by providing visibility for project prioritization (define), automated granular data collection (measure), dashboards and reports (analyze), process modeling and engineering change order management (improve), and automated change enforcement, monitoring, and alerting (control), and the ability to deploy process changes quickly and accurately across your enterprise.  Go further with MES Lean Enablement and obtain the next level of continuous improvement.This is True Improvement. This is MES.

Benefit More.

  • 80% ↓ inventory errors
  • 60% ↓ final QA review time
  • 65% ↓ manufacturing complaints
  • Improved error-proofing

Improvement with Paperless Manufacturing.

Manual, paper-based record-keeping is inherently error-prone and hinder a manufacturer’s ability to quickly retrieve—or act on—essential process information that can improve efficiency, tracability and other continuous improvement initiatives.  Camstar’s MES provides an automatic, self-auditing electronic Device History Record (eDHR) to advances the enterprise towards Lean manufacturing goals, eliminates manufacturing process bottlenecks, streamlines operations.

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One Platform for Change.

Continuously increasing and sustaining manufacturing improvement is difficult across multiple disparate systems commonly seen with homegrown and legacy MES. As an architectural foundation for change, Camstar’s MES unifies these systems on a single platform that integrates nonconformance and event management, creates cross-plant feedback loops, and enforces global change orders that drive manufacturing improvement across the enterprise. Manufacturing information is immediately available to all plants and stakeholders speeding feedback integration to the business and plant/factory adoption which further increases the flexibility and agility of the entire enterprise.

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Real-time Feedback for Rapid Improvement.

Constant change in a high volume environment prevents product improvement, especially within siloed data collection and manufacturing systems. Camstar’s MES unifies these systems on a single platform creating rapid, thorough, and highly detailed feedback, traceability, and root-cause analysis allowing operators to make immediate necessary changes and improve manufacturing output. Cross-plant feedback loops, modeling, and process change provides standardized approval mechanisms. Dashboards and ad hoc reports enable enterprise-wide lean management to reduce manufacturing bottlenecks increasing manufacturing capacity and throughput.

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Contain Costs through Continuous Improvement.

Increasing manufacturing efficiency and throughput decreases costs. But continually sustaining the improvements for long-term cost reduction and profit margin impact is difficult.  Camstar’s MES provides the real-time, detailed data driving improvement feedback and long-term control for sustained high manufacturing efficiency and throughput increases. Faster process correlation, error proofing, dashboards, and detailed reporting further enable lean and six-sigma initiatives to drive continual improvement and sustain cost reductions.

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