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Cookie Policy

Cookie Information
When you view one of our web sites, we may store some data in your browser in the form of a “cookie.” Cookies are pieces of data, typically stored in text files, that web sites place on your computer to store information related to you or the device you are using to view the site. In other words, cookies provide a kind of short-term memory for web pages.

Cookies are very useful and allow web sites to work in the way you have come to expect. They can allow you to log in to a page and move around to other pages while remaining logged in. They can allow you to set preferences for the display of a page and remember your preferences for the next visit.

Activating, De-activating and Deleting Cookies
To find more information about configuring your cookie settings in the instructions or Help area of your browser, or by clicking one of the links below:

Cookie Inventory
The Camstar Enterprise Manufacturing Platform web site uses the following cookie types.

Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies are saved on your computer and will remain there until the cookie’s expiration date is reached. They may be used to keep you logged into a web site or for analytical purposes. We will use a persistent cookie to remember your cookie preferences for this site.

Session Cookies
Session cookies can be used for analytical purposes to determine which parts of the web site you have viewed during a visit. This data helps us adapt our web site to serve you better. These functional cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

First-Party Cookies
First-party cookies belong to and are placed or retrieved by the web site you are visiting. They can be used to change how the web site appears to you or the information that is displayed.

Third-Party Cookies
Third-party cookies are owned by other domains and placed on a web site via scripts or tags within the web page. These bring additional functionality to the site, such as allowing content to be shared via social media networks.

Data Privacy
Refer to our Privacy Policy for information about collection and use of personal data.

Questions and Comments
Siemens will respond to reasonable requests to review, correct, amend or delete any inaccuracies in this information. If you have any questions or comments about the our use of cookies, please e-mail us at

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