Camstar Change – V6

Camstar V6 is Global Ready for the Innovation Industries

Camstar MES is the most robust, most intuitive manufacturing execution system (MES), providing automated, real-time visibility of global manufacturing operations. It enables rapid growth, speed to market, productivity and process improvements. Automated data capture and self-auditing eliminates the uncertainties of a paper-based system and gives you control over your global manufacturing operations, over every workflow, over every product.

Camstar V6 adds groundbreaking global manufacturing process change management. Camstar ChangeTM, enables rapid distribution, review, and implementation of change across dispersed manufacturing facilities while maintaining high quality standards – with the flexibility to accommodate localization. Manufacturers make product and process changes once, then reliably orchestrate them in one site or many, establish approval processes, enforce procedures and specifications against design, and gain superior speed with control over product quality.

Camstar V6 enables you to:

  • Centralize the creation of standard processes while providing guidelines for local variations
  • Enable collaboration across the enterprise with an intuitive, unified communications platform
  • Track and analyze planned and unplanned process variations
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives to accelerate the delivery of quality products to market.