Global Ready at the Speed of Demand

There are two significant elements that will create new industry leaders in the future: speed and quality. Who will these leaders be? New companies with innovative products or the existing market leaders of today? The answer isn’t as easy as one might expect. The leaders of the future will be ones that can change faster than the competition – at the speed of demand.

The concept of “global ready” and “growth ready” are becoming the same: The ability to rapidly change across existing facilities while maintaining high quality standards across a global plant network.

In order to achieve this transformative combination of speed and quality, manufacturing analysts will tell you that infrastructure in the form of a manufacturing execution system (MES) is needed. These systems are designed to increase the speed and quality of manufacturing. More specifically, there are six key elements of MES technology that can greatly impact a manufacturer’s speed to market:


When a common communication foundation is built from a centrally authored key master data source it increases effectiveness for local variation.


Manufacturers need to operate on a unified platform on which to communicate seamlessly, as a single virtual factory.


In order to manufacture products as designed manufacturers must capture variation early to detect and rapidly contain defects.


Speed doesn’t help if global change management does not assist in implementing and verifying product improvements.


Intuitive systems increase adoption across all levels and backgrounds of user, and foster collaboration.


Leverage all aspects of the new engine to accelerate the delivery of quality products.

With the increasing availability of manufacturing technology, global manufacturers have more options than ever on maintaining excellence in quality and increasing competitiveness.