Change at the Speed of Innovation

The Camstar Change™ application enables users to systematically deploy new or updated products and processes across their global manufacturing operations. Camstar Change provides for centralized authoring, configurable approval mechanism, and simple distribution of process change packages – while allowing local micro-process customizations. With Camstar Change to streamline and provide traceability of process changes, you can keep up with the speed of change – easily, accurately and fast.

This is Manufacturing Process Change

  • Central Authoring
  • Systematic Review and Approval
  • One-click Distribution
  • Localized Customization
  • Change Control and Visibility

Discover Camstar Change’s Capabilities

  • Create and Configure
  • Create “Change Packages” on your authoring site
  • Assign ownership, approvers, content editors and target systems and sites
  • Select a business process workflow from your configurable options
  • Add Content
  • Identify new products to manufacture
  • Track modeling changes
  • Organize dependencies and sequences automatically
  • Approve
  • Route change package for review and approval
  • Enable reviewers to asses changes
  • Approve directly or import approvals from PLM
  • Deploy to Targets
  • One click distribution to target sites
  • Deploy locally or across the globe
  • Activate
  • Accept and active changes on site schedules
  • Enable users to make needs-based changes locally