One Single View of Global Operations.

Camstar Intelligence is the advanced reporting, dashboard and analysis engine of the Camstar Enterprise Platform. Camstar Intelligence provides seamless access to product, manufacturing, quality and aftermarket performance data, and provides the tools and analytical techniques to distill that data into actionable intelligence. Camstar Intelligence presents information in the most relevant and useful ways to enable better strategic and operational decision-making.

This is Manufacturing Intelligence.

  • Increased Agility through Rapid Response
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Higher Quality Products
  • Reduced Brand Risk Exposure

“If we discover a component or supplier lot that has an issue, we can easily bracket down to the specific component or lot – rather than potentially recalling a week or month of production. This greatly reduces the overall cost and scope of a potential recall.”
– Mark Lincoln, VP of Operations, Terumo CVS

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