Manufacturing Execution System by Camstar

The World’s Most Intuitive, Easy to Use Manufacturing Execution System. One Planet. One MES.

Camstar Manufacturing is the industry’s most robust, intuitive and easiest to use Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Camstar Manufacturing supports very complex process workflows, high volume automated data collection, mass customization, discrete assembly, batch process, rolled products, and more. The highly configurable platform adapts to the user’s business without custom code providing users with the ability to author highly-consistent, global manufacturing processes while allowing for local language and process variations with complete traceability. Camstar’s Manufacturing Execution System fully defines the executable manufacturing process, drives automatic enforcement, provides self-auditing data, and delivers global visibility.

This is MES.

“Because of Allegro’s rapid growth and success, we need a single manufacturing execution system platform to support our global needs, increase our agility, and reduce the number of systems we need to support. Camstar offers Allegro a ready out-of-the-box solution for fast deployment, and its inherent flexibility allows the rapid changes we need to meet our customers exacting and ongoing requirements.”
– Doug Powers, CIO, Allegro Microsystems

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