Proactive Quality.

Camstar Quality enables end-to-end management of the manufacturing process. Greater control of your process improves consistency. Camstar improves consistency by centralizing the authoriship of process changes and deploying them globally with speed and consistency. On those occasions when you detect a deviation, Camstar Quality provides exceptions management, and root cause analysis, and provides you with protocols to correct the nonconformance or other event. Camstar Quality’s Event Management and Nonconformance Management put these capabilities at your fingertips.

This is Manufacturing Quality.

  • Focus on Prevention
  • Streamline Compliance
  • Reduce Cost of Quality
  • Reduce Regulatory and Product Risk

“Since deploying Camstar Quality as a part the Camstar Enterprise Platform, SanDisk has been able to bring the factory to full production without increasing the number or severity of end-product issues. In addition, we reduced the number training-related issues, and can identify the root cause of outstanding issues to quickly resolve them.”
– Didier Chavet, JAPAC CIO, SanDisk

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