Camstar Services

Camstar’s customer satisfaction ratings distinguish us from our competition. The mission for Camstar’s  Services team is to ensure the successful deployment of the Camstar Enterprise Platform for every customer. Camstar  Services provides end-to-end implementation, deployment and integration of Camstar’s solutions into a your existing software infrastructure. Through five global support centers and an Asian Competency Center located in Shanghai, China, Camstar’s Services team supports more than 170 customers at more than 300 manufacturing sites located around the world.

Extensive Experience.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Application integration
  • Global deployments
  • Industry Knowledge

From initial planning to full-scale global deployment, Camstar Services is the best choice for deploying a comprehensive solution that fits your environment.

“Camstar is one of the few traditional MES suppliers that has made the transition to the new expanded model of MES in a transformational way. Customer references are excellent and the frequent comment from references that Camstar is just a “nice company to do business with” may be all potential users need to hear to engage it. Its product work and support is rated exceptional – that is all most potential clients need to know.”
– Gartner


Methodology – Our iterative implementation methodology supports rapid deployment of the Camstar product suite. Out-of-the-box feature sets are applied to the customer’s business process and environment. Any necessary tailoring of the application – which is completely configurable within the platform – is prioritized and phased into an iterative approach to speed time-to-value for our customers. Learn More

Rapid Deployment – Camstar delivers rapid time-to-value for its customers by delivering fast, successful implementations. Camstar’s rapid deployment model combines out-of-the-box industry functionality, a flexible and configurable architecture and a proven implementation methodology to provide customers with the shortest time-to-value. Learn More

Enterprise Manufacturing Blueprint – The blueprint assists customers in quantifying the benefits of deploying the Camstar Enterprise Platform throughout their manufacturing operations. The blueprint documents the current state of manufacturing solutions and determines how Camstar Enterprise Platform can support the customer’s business objectives. The resulting deliverable is a comprehensive technology plan that identifies “core” execution and quality requirements, a recommended path to harmonize requirements across operations and constructs the financial justification to support the roll-out strategy.  Learn More

Value Assessment – Camstar’s Value Assessment includes analysis of business drivers, manufacturing processes and existing technologies to recommend a solution that maximizes value to the enterprise. A value framework is constructed to illustrate how key solution capabilities align with your business objectives to deliver areas of financial improvement. Finally, Camstar consultants link Total Cost of Ownership to the financial justifications that make for a clear Return on Investment.  Learn More

Scorecard – Camstar is fully committed to the success of every project and to the continuous improvement of its products and services. Camstar measures the success of every project through customer scorecards. Project dashboards measure project health and customer feedback is captured through post-implementation customer surveys. Learn More

Extended Services – Our Customer Extended Services team is made up of highly experienced consultants who help customers and partners maintain, enhance and roll-out the Camstar Enterprise Platform. Extended Services empower your professional staff through monthly consultation subscriptions, technical services, knowledge transfer and best practices. Extended Services include project consultations, application consultations, upgrade assessment, database installation assistance, database assessment, database performance tuning and database purge and restore. Learn More

Education and Certification – Education plays a key role in a successful implementation. Customers who participate in Camstar Education are consistently better prepared for system implementation and have better long-term project success rates than their peers. Camstar offers quality coursework to support all levels of certification. Learn More

Global Partners – System integration partners can be leveraged to extend Camstar Services’ reach in terms of geography, industry domain, and third party applications.  Through our Partner Certification Program, Camstar’s products, configuration tools and implementation techniques can be universally supported by our partner resources. Learn More