Enterprise Manufacturing Blueprint

Connecting existing systems to live information gathered from manufacturing is a complex process. Camstar’s Enterprise Manufacturing Blueprint is a technology plan that layers a company’s current manufacturing applications, new business requirements and financial justification to support future manufacturing solution investments.

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Camstar realizes that no one software package can fully address the needs of global manufacturers. Therefore, “best of breed” solutions are integrated with the Camstar Enterprise Platform to most effectively leverage live information throughout the enterprise.

Once finalized, the Enterprise Manufacturing Blueprint will result in a comprehensive technology plan that identifies “core” execution and quality requirements, recommends a path to harmonize requirements across operations and constructs the financial justification to support the roll-out strategy.  The final deliverable consists of the Blueprint Specification and the Value Assessment.

Blueprint Specifications:

  • Global User Requirements Definition
  • Global Standards and Best Practices
  • Physical Scope and Implementation Approach
  • To-Be Systems Architecture & Topology
  • Business Application Integration Strategy
  • Machine and Automation Integration Strategy
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting Strategy
  • Training Plan

Value Assessment:

  • Software and Services Cost Estimate
  • Infrastructure Cost Estimate
  • Cost/Benefit Model