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A Single Source of Truth for Combination and Diagnostic Products

A Single Source of Truth for
Combination and Diagnostic Products

By David R. Somers, Senior Industry Analyst, Axendia

While the convergence of devices drugs, and/or biological products used in therapeutic and diagnostic applications has grown significantly, the process used to …  Learn more →

MES Applications: Taking charge of change

Handling product and process change on an industrial scale is no simple subject. But there are solutions to manage change that semiconductor manufacturers have embraced as both effective and profitable. Silicon Semiconductor’s Mark Andrews explores Siemens PLM Software’s highly capable …  Learn more →

Managing MEMS: Managing Change Can Maximize Profits

Silicon Semiconductor’s Mark Andrews explores manufacturing execution system (MES) applications including Siemens PLM Software’s highly capable Camstar Semiconductor Suite. This Siemens MOM product enables control, visibility and continuous improvement across all levels of semiconductor manufacturing.

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Camstar Customers Share Best Practices with Medical Technology Manufacturers

The CBI Forum on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Device and Diagnostics in June 2014 was hailed as excellent education for innovative medical technology manufacturers of all sizes. Camstar customers Sorin Group, Illumina, Johnson & Johnson MD&D and Abbott Vascular …  Learn more →

Ensure “Right First Time” Production with electronic Device History Records (eDHR)

In an industry with the highest standards of regulatory compliance, there is no room for errors. Creating devices that are within spec and also compliant with FDA standards is crucial to the medical device and diagnostic industry.… Learn more →

Modern Semiconductor MES Benefits for Executives

The semiconductor industry is faced with the imminent question of when to change from legacy to modern manufacturing execution systems (MES). The benefits of this change may look different, depending on your function in the enterprise organization. So today we begin to detail those benefits by role, beginning with executives.… Learn more →

Beyond Unique Device Identification (UDI); Contain the Scope of Recalls and Field Correction with eDHR

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) system itself is not enough to contain the scope of recalls or field corrections; you need a system that is “UDI-ready” and provides the ability to drill down into where the issues may have occurred in production.… Learn more →