Iyno Advisors Report – The Surprising Competitive Edge for Semiconductor Innovation

Why Reassessing MES is Imperative Now

The combination of operational improvements available through the use of modern MES – productivity, yield, cost, cycle time, quality, speed, consistency and smooth scaling – can radically accelerate both revenue and cost improvements.

How do you improve margin while continuing to improve product performance? In the semiconductor industry, long governed by Moore’s Law, this question is hardly new. Yet the pressure to improve both is mounting dramatically and an increasingly complex global network is adding coordination challenges. So answering it can seem daunting. For many, gradual continuous improvement cannot keep pace with the need for innovation. Executives must find a way to generate a larger step change.

Fortunately there is a competitive edge that Fairchild, Infineon, Knowles, ON, Qorvo and others have found: migrating to a modern global manufacturing execution system (MES). Download the whitepaper to see how these leaders have embraced modern MES to gain this surprising competitive edge.