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Infineon and Siemens lead Industry 4.0
digital transformation

Infineon is one of the main founders of Germany’s Industry 4.0 initiative. Infineon produces components and solutions for Industry 4.0, and also practices Industry 4.0 concepts within the company. Infineon’s manufacturing site …  Learn more →

A Single Source of Truth for Combination and Diagnostic Products

A Single Source of Truth for
Combination and Diagnostic Products

By David R. Somers, Senior Industry Analyst, Axendia

While the convergence of devices drugs, and/or biological products used in therapeutic and diagnostic applications has grown significantly, the process used to …  Learn more →

Prevention and Early Detection: Error-Proofing with eDHR

In this webcast, you will learn how a true eDHR system employs a structured process model that defines and automates preventive controls to collect data and eliminate avoidable issues. These automated controls enforce your Device Master Record to ensure product is manufactured, tested and inspected per defined requirements. By focusing on product quality with eDHR, compliance becomes a natural by-product.… Learn more →

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Success with Camstar MES

Congratulations to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of disposable contact lenses. The company won a Manufacturing Star Award for their recent system upgrade on …  Learn more →

Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. Case Study

Micro Systems Engineering Medical device manufacturer uses Camstar Medical Device Suite to enable agile business processes and continuous growth. MSEI speeds new product introductions with the help of Siemens PLM Software solution.…  Learn more →

MES Applications: Taking charge of change

Handling product and process change on an industrial scale is no simple subject. But there are solutions to manage change that semiconductor manufacturers have embraced as both effective and profitable. Silicon Semiconductor’s Mark Andrews explores Siemens PLM Software’s highly capable …  Learn more →