Allegro MicroSystems Selects Camstar as Global MES Standard

Camstar Platform Replaces Multiple Legacy Systems to Enable Quality Improvements and Unification of their High-Performance Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 20, 2012) – Camstar Systems, Inc. announced today that Allegro MicroSystems, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance semiconductors, has selected the Camstar Enterprise Platform™ to support its global growth and continuous improvement initiatives at its factories throughout North America and Asia. The solution delivers Manufacturing Execution, Equipment Management and Quality Control, and adds critical functionality that is not available in the multiple legacy systems it replaces. Camstar will be integrated with the Oracle ERP system, enhancing global operational control and improving operational efficiency.

“We provide value to our customers by delivering high-quality technically advanced products,” said Andre Labrecque, VP of Operations and Quality for Allegro MicroSystems. “Camstar’s Enterprise MES Platform will form the basis for our factories of today and the future, making it possible to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new products and processes and continuously improve cost, quality and delivery of current product portfolios.”

“Because of Allegro’s rapid growth and success, we need a single MES platform to support our global needs, increase our agility, and reduce the number of systems we need to support,” said Doug Powers, CIO for Allegro MicroSystems. “Camstar offers Allegro a ready out-of-the-box solution for fast deployment, and its inherent flexibility allows the rapid changes we need to meet our customers exacting and ongoing requirements.”

“We anticipate a rapid implementation based on what we have heard from other Camstar customers who utilize Camstar’s SemiconductorSuiteTM MES,” said Jack McGovern, MES Manager for Allegro MicroSystems. “The configurability of Camstar allows each Allegro site to take advantage of centralized global standards while maintaining local configurations that enable them to reduce costs and operate at peak efficiency.”

“Allegro MicroSystems joins the many leaders in the semiconductor industry who take advantage of Camstar’s semiconductor expertise and state-of-the- art solutions,” said Scott Toney, President and CEO of Camstar. “We look forward to the rapid rollout of Camstar’s platform across Allegro’s global operations.”

About Allegro MicroSystems

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