Education and Certification

Camstar Education Services offer quality coursework to support customer needs on all Camstar Products.

Customers who participate in Camstar Education are consistently better prepared for system implementation and typically have better long-term project success rates than their peers. Camstar offers quality coursework to support all levels of Camstar Product training.

  • Training Course Satisfaction Rating 91%
  • Instructor Satisfaction Rating 94%
  • Certifications Earned 371

Training and Certification Track

Camstar courses are taught by Certified Instructors. Courses are built around a generic storyline to form a context by which students can learn system functionality. Directed training for your specific project is available on request. Camstar Education Services will also customize classes to fit specific customer needs. Contact the Education Department for pricing related to custom classes.

Camstar Education and interactive course labs provide the knowledge and skills needed by customers to implement solutions to business needs using Camstar Products. Camstar education is developed for core members of the implementation team, including: modelers, designers, developers, and managers.

“Thanks for the excellent, patient instructor and material presented.”
– Masimo


For more information on Camstar scheduled classes, please click here.

For more information about Camstar courses, download the Camstar course catalogs:

Camstar Enterprise Platform Course Catalog
Camstar Semiconductor Suite Course Catalog
Camstar eLearning Course Catalog

Delivery Options

Camstar Education is not “one size fits all”. We recognize that different people learn in different ways and that your Company’s learning objectives change over time. We provide a wide range of delivery options to help you get the training you need in the format that best suits your user roles, learning style, and company’s objectives. Camstar Education provides the following delivery options to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Live Instructor-Led Courses

Traditional live, instructor-led courses, face to face in an environment that encourages discussion with the instructor and other Camstar users. This delivery method utilizes a formal curriculum with student manuals, instructor presentations, demonstrations, and structured labs on a specific storyline to provide context.

Basic classes are scheduled monthly for Open Enrollment in Camstar training centers providing a cost effective way to teach small groups or new members of your Camstar team. The schedule of classes in our Training Centers is found on the Schedule tab. Instructor-led classes can also be scheduled on-site at your facility for larger groups.

Course Catalogs:
Camstar Enterprise Platform Course Catalog
Camstar Semiconductor Suite Course Catalog

Camstar Virtual

  • Camstar Virtual Classroom provides users with the hands on training of a traditional “brick and mortar” classroom without the related travel time or costs.
  • Virtual classroom uses the same curriculum and materials as our Live Instruction and provides access via web links and phone to an instructor
  • Camstar provides exclusive access to live Camstar training systems throughout each course giving students maximum hands on practice.
  • There are specific requirements and prerequisites to engage in Virtual Training.
  • Virtual Classroom events are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Self paced; Self Directed Learning (eLearning)

  • Learn independently, on your own schedule, and from any location with Internet access with Camstar eLearning courses.
  • From within the Education Portal your eLearning Catalog contains courses available to you
  • You may repeat courses as often as you wish.

Course Catalog:
Camstar eLearning Course Catalog


The Camstar Education Portal houses a Resource Center which contains white papers, how-to instructions, and specific application or technical information to supplement your learning. You will find a Master Glossary of Terms and other content to support your use of Camstar Products. Check out the Portal tab for more information about Camstar’s online training.

Camstar QuickStart Programs

A QuickStart program is a combination of informal training, mentoring and hands-on assistance to provide an accelerated start with assigned project deliverables in a specific technical Camstar product. Camstar Education offers QuickStart programs to assist our customers with specific project deliverables and to extend Camstar training by providing mentored assistance.

  • Duration: not to exceed 5 days
  • Optional: Supplemented by additional Services, or Tier 1 or 2 Extended Services
  • Typically performed on-site but may be conducted remotely
  • Most QuickStarts include pre-quickstart checklists to gauge readiness
  • Training materials are informal; Additional collateral in the form of white papers, step by step instructions, and how too documents are also provided

QuickStarts are conducted using customer development or production environments, on customer configured Camstar object model and data, and must meet pre-requisite checkpoints prior to scheduling. Informal training consists of whiteboard discussions on how the software works, with some electronic presentation materials and implementation materials such as checklists, whitepapers, or hints. Due to the coaching / mentoring aspect of QuickStarts, attendance is limited to 2 or 3 skilled team member participants.

The following QuickStart programs are available:

  • Camstar Installation – Enterprise Platform Administration
  • Camstar Interoperability (3 QuickStarts)
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Equipment Integration
  • Programming with Camstar APIs
  • Camstar Intelligence
  • Camstar Reporting
  • Camstar SPC
  • Business Logic
  • User Interface (Portal Configuration Assistance)

Camstar Education Portal

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