The Essential Role of MES in Industry 4.0

The Role of MES/MOM in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is coming to manufacturing. Companies with complex products processes and regulations will need MES/MOM more than ever.

We are now mobile, connected and more automated than ever before. What does that mean to manufacturers?

While each company will answer the question for themselves, Industry 4.0 outlines what manufacturers can do to compete for leadership in a rapidly changing world. Industry 4.0 is a vision for the future of manufacturing, one where smart factories use information and communications technologies to digitize their processes and gain huge advantage in the form of speed-to-innovation, improved quality, lower costs, and increased efficiency.

In an Industry 4.0 world, smart factories use smart machines and materials to make smart products. Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), certain parts of the physical and digital value chains can merge in a connected world.

Industry 4.0 won’t instantly change manufacturing; instead, the effects will be seen incrementally over time. Manufacturing will still need people and centralized information applications in addition to the new IIoT data for the next several decades. This means that modern manufacturing execution systems (MES)/ manufacturing operations management (MOM) will be required more than ever.