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z1  The Top 6 Emerging Manufacturing Technologies of 2015

Over the past two years manufacturing technologies have been changing the industry on a global level, and that was just the beginning.

Design News


z3 3 Facilities In Tennessee Among 70 Top Performing Energy Star Certified Manufacturing Plants

With energy star manufacturing plants leading in the industry it is good news for Tennessee that 3 of their facilities are in the top 70 in performance.

The Chattanoogan

z2  Report: Samsung And Sony To Open Up Manufacturing Units In India

Samsung and Sony are teaming up leaving facilities in Sweden and China.

Android Headlines.


z4  Sigma Labs Introduces the Future of Manufacturing

Mid-April Sigma Labs plans to launch its M290 additive manufacturing metal printer.

CNN Money


z5 The two worlds of deindustrialization

Indiana has the biggest city with the highest workforce employed in manufacturing, but it also has cities who are not thriving with most shops boarded up.



z6 Clark State using $2.5M grant to create manufacturing programs

Clark State Community College will be creating manufacturing programs focusing on five major areas determined by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Dayton Daily News



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