Manufacturing Star Awards

Recognize Excellence

Be recognized and awarded for your and your team’s contributions to manufacturing excellence. Applications are due May 15, 2015, and are very simple. Winners will receive internal and external recognition for their achievements and contributions through announcements, accolades and a special ceremony with your management team at your site.

The Premier Award

  • One award only
  • Measurable business benefits of the project
  • Best practices for sustainability, and integration into the company’s fabric
  • Long term impact on perception and adoption
  • Adherence to project time, scope and budget goals
  • Originality

The Special Focus Award

  • Two awards will be given
  • Applicant-selected project benefit such as:
    • Outstanding use of dashboards
    • Most legacy systems eliminated
    • Best global design implemented locally
    • Greatest reduction in overhead or waste
  • Based on benefits to the business and processes

Winners will receive internal and external recognition for their personal and/or team achievements and contributions.

You will get positive exposure for you as an expert, your project as valuable, your success as an example and your company as a leader.

Winners are Honored with:

  • A special Ceremony at your site with your management
  • Engraved accolade for display
  • Visibility that showcases their company’s products, their projects and results.
  • This includes photos, videos, podcasts, logos on your website and,,,,
  • Story by and other bloggers
  • Press release announcing winners and accomplishments
  • Achievement to add to your professional profile
  • 500 points in Camstar Customer Success Program

Your Company will Receive:

  • Positive exposure for its products and manufacturing excellence
  • Engraved accolade for display

All Applicants will Receive:

  • Points in the Camstar Customer Success Program
  • Recognition for their success on

Who is eligible for a Manufacturing Star Award?
Employees of customers who actively use Camstar products may apply. Applicants must be members of Camstar User Groups. Camstar User Groups offer great information and networking, and it’s easy to join. Log in or Join now.

What do the winners of a Manufacturing Star Award receive?
Winners will get internal & external recognition for their team achievements and contributions. You will get positive exposure for:

  • You as an expert
  • Your project as valuable
  • Your success as an example
  • Your company as a leader

What are the deadlines?

  • May 15, 2015: Award applications are due. Please submit using the online form.
  • July 2015: Manufacturing Star Award 2015 winners are notified.
  • Jul – Sep 2015: Written, video and other recordings of winners and their companies are prepared.
  • Sep – Nov 2015: Begin announcing winners publicly. This will be coordinated with onsite award ceremonies.

Can I get help with my application?
You may submit a short idea and the judges will be happy to make suggestions for expanding on it. Of course, the application will ultimately be yours to create, but guidance is always helpful!

When and how will the winners be announced publicly?
From Jul – Sep 2015 we will prepare the awards announcements. During that time we create special photos, videos and podcasts that showcase the winners, their company and its products, and the winners’ projects and results. The public announcements will begin in Sep 2014, and be coordinated with Manufacturing Star Awards ceremonies at the winners’ sites.

How will I be notified if my application wins?
Winners and other nominees will be notified of the judges’ decisions via email in July 2015.

  • May 15, 2015: Award applications are due. Please submit using the online form.
  • July 2015: Manufacturing Star Award 2015 winners are notified.
  • Jul – Sep 2015: Written, video and other recordings of winners and their companies are prepared.
  • Sep – Nov 2015: Begin announcing winners publicly. This will be coordinated with onsite award ceremonies.

Dr. Jonathan Chang, Infineon Technologies
Jonathan Yung-Cheng Chang has worked in semiconductor manufacturing for more than 20 years, including IT manager and Manufacturing manager in TSMC 200mm FAB (Singapore), 300mm GIGAFAB (Taiwan) and TSMC 450mm program; Manufacturing director in Qimonda 300mm FAB (Richmond, Virginia); Global IE/PC (Industrial engineering / production control) director in MEMC for 9 factories in 6 countries. He is presently Senior Director of Factory Integration in Infineon BE where he is responsible for Infineon’s BE factory integration (operation method and system) to improve MFG performance (Cost, Quality, OEE, CT, CLIP).Jonathan received his Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems, National Cheng Kung University and M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from National Chiao Tung University. His research interests and papers include e-Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering Chain, MES, Advanced Process Control, Advanced Equipment Control, Virtual Metrology, Factory Automation, 300mm FAB productivity analysis and dispatching systems. He has produced worldwide best semiconductor manufacturing performance in 300mm and worldwide first 450mm production specification. He led a the team that successfully rolled out Camstar across multiple sites. He has published more than 15 journal and conference papers and also holds 16 patents in semiconductor supply chain and manufacturing areas.


Julie Fraser, Iyno Advisors
Julie Fraser is passionate about helping create environments where people can flourish. She founded Iyno Advisors in 2012 to extend her 25 years’ experience as a manufacturing software industry analyst and marketer. Fraser is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Recent public research studies are on MES and manufacturing performance metrics as well as medical device manufacturing. She was previously with Cambashi, Industry Directions, Baan, AMR (now Gartner), and CIM Strategies. Fraser is active in MESA International. Hundreds of her articles, papers, studies and presentations are available on-line and in print.

MFSA Judge: Axendia

Daniel R. Matlis, Axendia
Daniel R. Matlis is President at Axendia, an analyst and strategic advisory firm providing trusted advice to Life-Science and Healthcare Executives on Business, Technology and Regulatory matters. Dan has over 22 years of industry experience, covering projects in R&D, Operations, Compliance, Automation and IT. He began his career at Johnson & Johnson, where he provided leadership in Automation, IT and Compliance. Most recently, Dan was VP & GM at a leading Life-Science consultancy firm. Dan has published numerous research reports & articles, is a frequent lecturer and is editor of Life-Science Panorama. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University and an MS in Management from NJIT.

MFSA Judge: Boston Scientific

Mikolaj Ratajczak, Boston Scientific Corporation
Since starting his career over a decade ago at Boston Scientific, Mikolaj has developed a broad range of experience as he has held various positions in manufacturing, operations, project management, business and information systems space. He has been involved in projects throughout the entire software development life cycle in a globally distributed environment, including vertical integration, business intelligence as well as conversion to paperless business processes in batch, continuous and discrete manufacturing. He is currently responsible for service delivery, managing customer relationship as well as driving Lean and operational excellence into electronic manufacturing solutions that are leveraged by the entire Boston Scientific plant network worldwide. Mikolaj earned a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a BS in Science & Technology and MS in Technology Management from various Irish universities.


Ray Weatherby, ConforMIS
As Director of Imaging and CAD Manufacturing for ConforMIS, Ray Weatherby is responsible for the development and scale up of these two departments enabling the successful commercial launch of the company’s first patient specific knee resurfacing device. He has continued to lead his division through sustained growth and multiple successfully product launches. Prior, he was C.T. Manager in the department of Radiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where he led operational excellence initiatives in support of growth and scale of services. He joined ConforMIS in 2007 during its initial phase, bringing more than 15 years of Diagnostic Imaging and leadership experience.

Exclusive Winners

These teams demonstrated that they can deliver outstanding business value in emerging, growing & global industries.
Watch the Video

MFSA Video: Boston Scientific
Boston Scientific

Team committed to global MES & paperless Manufacturing, and created sustainable competitive advantage through improved quality & efficiencies

“Boston Scientific’s significant achievements are due to their commitment to global MES, and ingraining it in their manufacturing DNA.”

– Daniel R. Matlis, President of Axendia, Inc. & Award Judge

MFSA Video: ConforMIS

Team showed valuable foresight by investing in MES to enable rapid growth, shorter lead times and ensured quality

“ConforMIS gives a lesson for all to follow, regardless of the size of your organization.”

– Mark Lincoln, VP of Global Operations for Terumo Cardiovascular Group & Award Judge

MFSA Video: Infineon

Team demonstrated they can automate best practices from equipment to total plant information, further improving productivity and quality

“Infineon’s strong team approach is likely to further enhance sustainable competitiveness.”

– Julie Fraser, Principal of Iyno Advisor, & Award judge

Special Commendation

For excellent projects and success.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks did more than just automate supplier data collection. They revamped the process for overall data quality and analysis success.

Ethicon, a Division of
Johnson & Johnson

The small team at this large company delivered huge benefits by implementing a standard MES across the manufacturing lines. Ethicon continues to use data to create more robust manufacturing processes.


A long-time Camstar user, Roche found even more ways to utilize MES. They compressed packing cycle times while keeping strict product segregation for traceability.